🎉 Our new website for Purple Sector Strategy has arrived!

Shameless Self-Promotion Edition

👋 Hello!

While we typically reserve this newsletter for writing about product leadership, we’re really excited to share a quick message about Purple Sector Strategy!

Over the past several months, we have been busy building up the business — working on messaging, engaging interesting clients, and evolving our workshops to help leaders have critical conversations that align teams around a shared vision. And today we're happy to announce that our new website, that helps us share our story, has arrived!

Visit Our New Website Now

We focused the website on a couple key areas to help share our story with potential clients about why they should choose Purple Sector to facilitate critical conversations:

  • Learn more about what drives us at Purple Sector to get to know why we do what we do (hint: we love helping people do meaningful work!).

  • Take a look at the overviews of our programs and workshops and why you'd want to seek our help.

✨ We’d love for you to share the website with your network, so please give us a hand by sharing on social media, or in your work Slack groups. And if you have any feedback or comments, leave us a note! ✨

Meredith & Carlos

p.s. Thank you Kirsten and Bryony at Hey Nova for designing and building this incredible site. Thank you Rachel at Dwell House Communications for helping us craft the messaging and helping us find the right words to use.


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Meredith is an Alignment Strategist and Facilitator at Purple Sector Strategy and is passionate about creating space for challenging conversations. I specialize in bringing people together around a common sense of direction.
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