Welcome to The Pit Wall by Purple Sector Strategy

This publication is for the self-aware leader looking to drive positive change in their product organizations

The Pit Wall is where I’ll be sharing my perspectives based on the common thread of experiences working with various product organizations in my career.

My goal is to provide helpful insights to the leader who oversees product teams (marketing, product management, design, engineering). I want to help bridge the gaps in communication and understanding that often exist between leadership and product teams.

So who are you? You’re the self-ware business leader that understands change has to start at the top. You think about how you can help drive positive outcomes by acknowledging your own need to learn, grow, and change along with the team.

I sincerely appreciate it that you take the time out of your busy schedules to read this. I hope you get something from it that might give you ideas on what you can try in your organization.

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p.s. I almost forgot. While “purple sector” was a bit more subtle in its nod to motorsport, The Pit Wall is a lot more obvious. I love Formula 1. The mix of tactical execution by the driver, and the swarms of people and the high pressure strategic planning that is required to help the driver succeed are great metaphors for the business world.